Gear Seekers Take a Look at XWORKS 70 xFrame

Calling all small form factor (SFF) enthusiasts! Gear Seekers has just published a new video diving deep into the XWORKS 70 xFrame, and it's a real treat. Buckle up for a thrilling ride as Nick guides you through the build process, showcasing the unique features and potential challenges of this open-air PC case.

Building a Dream PC with the XWORKS 70 xFrame

After a speedy unboxing and laying out the chassis parts on the tabel, the video continues with the satisfying clicks and clacks of Nick installing the motherboard standoffs, power button, GPU support, and power supply.

The counter-sunk power supply bracket design makes things a breeze, and Nick highlights the open-frame's compatibility with a wide range of air coolers, letting you unleash your inner cooling maestro.

But wait, there's more! The clever cable tie-down points are a testament to the thoughtful design, ensuring a clean and organized build that would make any cable management guru proud.

Conquering Challenges with Innovation

Now, the journey isn't always smooth sailing.

The chosen power supply throws a curveball, temporarily blocking the button box installation. But fear not, fellow builders! Nick channels his inner MacGyver and whips up a creative solution using washers and screws, proving that resourcefulness and a positive attitude are key ingredients in the SFF builder's toolkit.

The video then progresses with the installation of the PCIe 4.0 riser cable and the frame assembly, keeping you glued to the screen with Nick's infectious enthusiasm, even when faced with obstacles.

Final Verdict: A Must-Have for SFF aficionados?

Nick acknowledges that the XWORKS 70x frame has its limitations, including cooler height restrictions and incompatibility with specific graphics cards. However, he's thoroughly impressed by the case's adjustable spine, which allows for customization, and the stellar cable management capabilities. This case is a dream come true for SFF enthusiasts who prioritize aesthetics and clean builds over the need for the most powerful cooling solutions.

While the price tag might raise an eyebrow, Nick emphasizes the user-friendly design and unmatched convenience, making it the smoothest flat-pack SFF case he's encountered. This is definitely not your average PC case, it's a statement piece for those who dare to push the boundaries of design and functionality.