XWORKS X32 Builder's Guide

XWORKS X32 Builder's Guide

This step by step installation guide is dedicated to the XWORKS X32 assembly. It is recommended you follow the step in the right order to avoid last minute surprises.

You can also download the PDF version of this guide.

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Assembly Guide

1. Lay down each components.

X32 Components


 2. Attach the anti-slip pad underneath both Panel A & B.

Anti-slip Pad installation

3. Power button installation on side panel A

Power Button installation


4. Attach top bar with 2x A standoffs

Handle protection bar installation


5. Install 4x B motherboard standoffs secured with 4x J screws

Motherboard Standoffs installation


6. Install 2x C standoffs using 2x J screws on side panel B

case installation


7. Secure 2x D Stand-offs using 2x J screws

PCI-E RISER Installation step 1


8. Mount PCI-E riser using 2x J screws


9. Secure your storage drive (SSD/HDD)

Storage installation


10. Attach cable to PSU (if modular) and install the PSU shroud

PSU Shroud


11. Attach PSU Shroud to PSU with 3x E screws

PSU Screws


12. Secure PSU module to the side panel B with 4x F screw

Step 12. PSU Shroud to Case. Insert 4 F screws



13. Install / route your cable to you storage drive, and GPU. Use the cable slot and cable tie holes to arrange nicely.

GPU cable hole


14. Join both side panel together using 2x J screws at the bottom of side panel A


15. Secure the top part of the case with 2x G screw and the GPU bracket


16. Unlock the PCI-Express riser and install the graphic card.

GPU installation


17. Secure Graphic card to the GPU bracket with 1x H screw and 1x H lock nut

Step 17 - Attach Graphic Card with H & I Lock Nut


18. Install motherboard with 4x J screw

motherboard installation


19. Attach power cable and start button cable to your motherboard.

finished build


20. Enjoy your build!

Diagnostic tips & tricks

This section help you with common things that can help diagnose your build.

A. The Grpahic Card seems not detected when using the PCI-E riser but it is ok when connected directly on the motherboard.

This is a known issue with PCI-E Riser and combinations of Graphic Card and Motherboard. The XWORKS X32 uses a PCI-E Gen3 riser.
With the Graphic Card directly attached to the motherboard : Enter Bios and set the "PCIE Link" (or similar option) to "Gen3". Confirm it boots, then reinstall the PCI-E riser and Graphic Card.