Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We try to provide answers to frequently asked questions about the XWORKS products. If you have any question that isn't answered by the FAQ feel free to reach out to us directly via the Contact page.



Q: Is the case compatible with micro-ATX or ATX motherboards?

A: No. This case is compatible with Mini-ITX motherboards only.

Q: Is the case compatible with SFX, SFX-L, or ATX power supplies?

A: No. This case is compatible with FLEX ATX PSUs only.

Q: If I don’t mount the GPU, can I put extra hardware like a 3.5” HDD or a SFX PSU on its location?

A: Not without modding the case.

Q: Does the selling price include PSU or modular cables?

A: No. Please refer to our compatibility list when choosing your PSU.

Q: Can I put a 3.5” HDD between the panels?

A: The thickness inside is only 15mm and accommodate only 2.5” HDD/SSD.

Q: If the cables on my FLEX PSU are not modular, can I still use it?

A: The maximum length the PSU shroud can accommodate is 171mm. If the PSU plus cable bending radius is within this number, then yes you can.

Q: Is it compatible with the ASUS Crosshair VIII Impact?

A: Without mounting the handle, yes, but the power button will be blocked.

Q: Can I mount a 120mm or 240mm AIO/ on the case?

A: Not without modding or creating a bracket for this.

Q: Will the case tilt if I mount a >30cm GPU (3080, 3090 etc) or if I mount tower radiators (Noctua D15 etc)?

A: It should not. The chassis is very stable and with both the weight of the chassis and PSU together, it should balance out most large coolers (up to a certain point of course).

Q: Can I turn the case sideways (PSU and GPU flat on the table)

A: While you could, the case is not designed to be used sideways. It is not a recommended use-case.

Q: Where will it ship from? Will I have to pay customs or import duty?

A: The product is manufactured in China and will be shipped to you directly from our factory. You may have to pay customs or import duties in accordance with the laws and regulations of your country.

Q: What is the warranty on the products?

A:  Our products come with a 2 year warranty for production defects. However, we are confident you’ll never need to use the warranty.

Q: I am a media reviewer / YouTuber / influencer, how can I get a sample?

A: Sample requests can be applied for via our contact page.


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