XWORKS challenges the status quo of the computer chassis market by designing unconventional products featuring thought-provoking aesthetics. We dare to be different and hope our customers share this bravery.

Inspired by the X-planes, a series of experimental US aircraft and rockets used to test and evaluate new technologies and aerodynamic concepts, XWORKS seeks to always look for innovative and novel approaches to computer chassis design. Our products carry the X in reference to the X-planes, plus a number which marks the size of the chassis.

Our core brand philosophy is rooted in the conviction that the beauty of computer hardware and electronics should not be hidden on the inside of a box, but should be exposed to the outside. The hardware deserves to be the center of attention. We aim to bring the inside out and put the outside in.

We focus on small form-factor solutions with a reduced footprint and minimalist design approach.

Designed in Canada. Built in China.