Welcome to XWORKS!

Welcome to XWORKS!

Today we are launching two things:

  1. our online store (this website)
  2. the X32, our first product!

The X32 has been almost a year in the making now and we're quite proud of being able to ship it out to the world today. 

This is by far the smallest and most compact open-chassis for Mini-ITX motherboards. To keep it's footprint minimal, it leverages the tiny Flex-ATX PSU form-factor and allows for a back-to-back mount of motherboard and graphics card.

It is obviously quite unique, something unlike anything else you've seen this far - a dream come true for many Small Form Factor enthusiasts out there.

We hope your are going to love this first product (yes more is coming). Learn more about it's intimate specifications over here.

Thanks for visiting our website.

The XWORKS Team.