XWORKS Unveils 70 xFrame Open Air ITX Chassis

November 29, 2023 - XWORKS, an innovator in the world of PC DIY enthusiasts, is proud to announce its latest masterpiece, the XWORKS 70 xFrame. This small form-factor open air modular skeleton computer case is a stunning piece of craftsmanship, meticulously designed for the tech-savvy connoisseurs who value both the beauty and the power of computer hardware.

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XWORKS 70 xFrame Design Features

Living up to our core value, dare to be different, with the 70 xFrame we break free from the conventional shackles of boxed chassis designs. The XWORKS 70 xFrame is an exquisite showcase of open edges and remarkable lightness. With its open-air structure, impeccable cable management, and unlimited customization potential, the XWORKS 70 xFrame offers a seamless blend of artistic expression and optimal performance, ensuring that every build is not just a functional masterpiece but also a visual spectacle.

"Our mission at XWORKS has always been to transcend the ordinary and redefine the possibilities in PC design," said Steven Zhang, founder and lead designer, "The 70 xFrame series is a testament to our daring to be different and pushing the boundaries of creativity and performance. We are excited to offer PC enthusiasts and professionals an opportunity to showcase their hardware, outside in and inside out, in a way that reflects their unique vision and style."

The XWORKS 70 xFrame is not just a computer case. Its unique shape and unmatched finish make it the center of attention in any creative space. With meticulous attention to detail in cable management, this chassis ensures that every component shines, unobstructed by clutter or disarray.

The chassis is compatible with a wide variety of industry-standard components such as mini-ITX motherboards, SFX PSUs, and any triple-slot GPU, thus making it an adaptable platform for any user, from beginners to seasoned PC builders. Additionally, its compact yet open air design allows for seamless integration of any modern oversized graphics cards and or CPU air coolers.

We aim to provide you with unlimited customization potential. Our cutting-edge design features a modular skeleton outer frame, allowing you to effortlessly mount accessories on all 12 edges and 6 faces with clamps or standoffs. We also adopted an open-source mechanical interface to empower case-modders and enthusiasts to build a truly unique PC.

Crafted from the highest quality 6061-T6 aluminium with an exquisite space grey finish, the XWORKS 70 xFrame is as durable as it is beautiful, ensuring longevity and reliability for all your computing needs. With the package contents carefully curated for ease of assembly and installation, users can expect a hassle-free and enjoyable building experience.

The XWORKS 70 xFrame is shipping globally now. Join us in celebrating the fusion of craftsmanship and technology with the XWORKS 70 xFrame!

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XWORKS challenges the status quo of the computer chassis market by designing unconventional products featuring thought-provoking aesthetics. We dare to be different and hope our customers share this bravery.

Our core brand philosophy is rooted in the conviction that the beauty of computer hardware and electronics should not be hidden on the inside of a box, but should be exposed to the outside. The hardware deserves to be the center of attention. We aim to bring the inside out and put the outside in.

We focus on small form-factor solutions with a reduced footprint and minimalist design approach.

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