XWORKS X32 Compatiblity Check List

Refer to the XWORKS X32 compatibility information for motherboard, graphics card, power supply, CPU and GPU cooler, storage devices, cable length, and PCIe riser to avoid last-minute surprises and get the best out of your X32 Case.


Motherboard Compatibility

In general any mini-ITX form factor motherboard is supported. This also includes any type of I/O shield design respecting the Mini-ITX format.

There is no known incompatibility with pre-attached I/O shield or VRM extensions/coolers.

Some motherboard front-panel header and power-button pin-out may require an extension (not included). On the picture below, front-panel pin-out located in the red area can be reached with an extension.

Below you can find a non-exhaustive list of compatible motherboards as tested by the community. We will regularly update this list based on customer and community feedback:

  • ASUS:
  • EVGA:
  • MSI:

Below you can find a non-exhaustive list of incompatible motherboards as tested by the community. We will regularly update this list based on customer and community feedback:

  • MSI: B85I-Gaming


Special Form Factors

Mini-DTX motherboards such as the ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Impact can be installed if the handle/protection bar is removed and replaced by 2x M4 nut. Do note that this will block the access to the power button.


Power Supply Compatibility

The X32 only supports the FLEX ATX PSU form-factor. Power supplies should not have a power switch on the back or have extensive modular connectors.

Known compatible models:












FlexGURU 250W

FlexGURU 300W

FlexGURU 500W





 Known incompatible models:

  • Silverstone: FX500, FX350-G, and other models from the same series (power-switch conflicts with PSU shroud)


Suggested Cable Length

Cables are not provided with the case, but here are some suggested length for your custom cables.

With GPU length <18cm:

  • ATX 24 pin: 15cm
  • CPU 4 or 4+4 pin: 25cm
  • GPU 6+2 pin: 26cm
  • Dual HDD power: 25cm+12cm
  • HDD data: >20cm, HDD end must be straight, the other end can be 90 deg
With GPU length >18cm:
  • 25-29cm: GPU 6+2 pin 37cm
  • 30-35cm: GPU 6+2 pin 42cm


Graphics Card Compatibility

No known compatibility challenges. We suggest using a graphic card smaller than 17.5cm in length simply for aesthetics.


PCI-Express Riser Compatibility

The only recommended model is the one provided with the case (ADT R33UF-TU). The provided riser supports up to PCI-Express 3.0.


CPU & GPU Cooler Compatibility

No size limit for air cooler on either the CPU or the GPU. The X32 does not support AIO or custom loop water cooling.


Storage Compatibility

Any 2.5" drives (7 and 9 mm) are compatible no matter if it is a SSD or an HDD.


If you have tested hardware using the X32 that do not appear on this list, please let us know via the Contact page.